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Kitty grew up in Alloa before training at Knightswood School in Glasgow. She was then offered a full scholarship to train at Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom Surrey.

Since graduation Kitty has a had an eclectic career in the Arts. Her passion and love of live performance has taken her across the world, in theatre, film and tv. She has performed in London, Paris and as far as Singapore. She has been a showgirl at Lido de Paris, and worked with Guy Caron (Cirque du Soleil) Maggi Sietsma (Dragone) Broadway directors Michael La Fleur and Phil McKinlay.

Most recently Kitty played the gender swapped role of Dr Warner in the London revival of the musical "Metropolis" and has performed in numerous cabarets across London such as the "Sondheim Society presents.." at Phoenix Arts Bar.